Friday, July 3, 2015

Important notice: We will be on vacation on Wednesday, July 8, there will be no pizza that day!


Your favorite bakers will be taking a much need vacation next week. We will be at the market on the square and the westside community market as usual tomorrow, but we will not be at either market on Saturday, July 11, and there will be no pizza next Wednesday, July 8!!!  Are you hearin' me? Don't come. We won't be here next week. We will return to the markets on Saturday, July 18, and resume pizza on Wednesday, July 15.

I know it's small consolation, but here is our vacation poem of the week:

Old Blue

Some day I'll crank up that Corvette, let it
mumble those marvelous oil-swimming gears
and speak its authority. I'll rock its big wheels
till they roll free onto the drive. Nobody can
stop us then: loaded with everything, we'll pick up
momentum for the hill north of town. Mona,
you didn't value me and it's too late now.
Steve, remember your refusal to go along on
those deals when you all opposed me?—you had
your chance. Goodby, you squealers and grubbies;
goodby, old house that begins to leak, neighbors
gone stodgy, days that lean casually grunting
and snoring together. For anyone who ever needs
the person they slighted, this is my address: "Gone."

- William Stafford

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