Friday, September 21, 2018

September 26! Pizza on the farm!

Cress Spring Pizzeria will be serving them up on Wednesday, September 26, from 4:30 pm until 8:30 pm. 

Four more weeks left! Our last pizza night of the year will be October 17. 

Pizza orders may be called in ahead of time on Wednesdays after 7:30am. Please do not call before 7:30am! On busy nights we fill up our available phone order times quickly, so please try to call early in the day to get your preferred time slot. If the weather is nice, we will be busy! Please note, we do not accept pizza orders by email or facebook message – you must call to place your order.

We’re looking forward to a beautiful brisk autumn evening and a bonfire this week. Our musical guest is Don’t Spook the Horse, an acoustic trio influenced by the likes of Johnny Cash, Steve Earle, and Leadbelly. The set list ranges from coal mining songs and murder ballads to wistful folk and doomy gospel. Everybody gather around the fire and get wistful.

Here’s how it works. Every Wednesday evening from May until October, we'll be selling flaming hot pizzas and delicious desserts, beer and wine, here at Cress Spring Farm. Picnic on our lawn or take your pizza to enjoy at home. Outdoor seating only - you are welcome to bring blankets, lawn chairs, and warm friends to snuggle with. You should also bring whatever plates, cutlery, etc. that you might need for your picnic. Pizza will be served in boxes, beer and soda in bottles and wine by the bottle or glass. We will have mason jars available for wine, but we encourage you to bring your own. You may supplement your picnic with any salads or other food you wish to bring, but we ask that you not bring your own alcohol. We accept cash, checks, credit cards, and chickens as payment.

We are no longer allowing dogs on pizza night. For the comfort and safety of all our customers, please leave your furry friends at home. 

Our menu for this week is below, and it's also posted on our facebook page. We hope to see you soon!
Cress Spring Bakery
4035 Ryan Road
Blue Mounds, WI 53517
608 767-3875

Cress Spring Bakery & Pizzeria 
Menu for September 26
Appetizer basket: Salt & pepper crostini, and a selection of fresh, seasonal fruit & veggies, and roasted fingerling potatoes served with house-made tzatziki and habanero jam with cream cheese  $8

Salsa! Chips!: fresh ground cherry salsa, tasty chips, pickled red onions, queso. $6

Pickled veggies: smoky and spicy escabeche, a Mexican pickle blend with carrots, radishes, peppers, and turnip $4

All pizzas are available on Cress Spring sourdough crust or gluten-free crust (GF=same price, smaller pizza)

Margherita:  Olive oil, garlic, fresh tomatoes, Farmer John’s fresh mozzarella, fresh basil  $16.00 Add soppresata $2.00

Spanish Castle Magic: Fire roasted tomato Sauce, Capri goat cheddar Blend, Cress Spring chorizo, green garlic, chimichurri $18.00

Aubergine: Garlic-marinated eggplant, fresh cherry tomatoes, Farmer John’s fresh mozzarella, fresh thyme and oregano $18.00

Greek: Basil Pesto, Cress Spring cheese blend, Capri feta, roasted red peppers, broccolini, red onion, cold-smoked cherry tomatoes $16.00 Add Soppresata $2.00

Figgy Pig: Fire-roasted tomato sauce, figs poached in apple cider, Sartori Montamore cheese, Cress Spring Italian sausage, red onions, $18.00

Pumpkin Sage: House-made pumpkin-sage sauce, Capri Cheese chevre, arugula, dried cranberries, onions, Pecatonica Valley bacon $18.00

Three Little Pigs: Fire-roasted tomato sauce, Cress Spring cheese blend, Cress Spring Italian sausage, Cress Spring bacon, pepperoni, scallions, red peppers    $18.00

Real Fungi: House-made mushroom tapenade, caramelized onions, shitake mushrooms, smoked beets, scallions, fennel, toasted walnuts    $16.00 (vegan)

Baker’s Favorite: Caramelized onions, Cress Spring cheese blend, Hook’s gorgonzola, toasted walnuts $16.00   Add Bacon  $2.00

Afternoon Delight: Fire-roasted tomato sauce, Farmer John fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, scallions, watercress, Underground soppressata and prosciutto    $18.00

The Duchess: House-made smoked raspberry jam, Hooks gouda cheese, fresh honey-soaked peaches, toasted walnuts $16.00

Big Cheese: Fire-roasted tomato sauce, Cress Spring cheese blend   $13.00

Build Your Own:  You are welcome to build your own pizza out of anything we have on hand each week. Prices are simple:   $16.00 for a vegetable pizza,  $18.00 for a meaty pizza

The Duchess Dessert Pizza: House-made smoked raspberry jam, Hooks gouda cheese, fresh honey-soaked peaches, toasted walnuts $16.00
Pumpkin bar with cream cheese frosting: $3.50
Ice Cream Sandwiches: Chocolate Sea Salt Cookie with house-made vanilla ice cream $5.00
Cookies:  Gingersnap, Trail Cookie $2.00; Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Sea Salt  $2.25

Beer & Cider

Brix Orchard Series Cider $6
Barneveld, WI 6% ABV

New Glarus Totally Naked $4.5
New Glarus, WI 4.25%

Pabst Blue Ribbon $3.5
Madison, WI 4.7% ABV

New Glarus Moon Man No Coast Pale Ale $4.5
New Glarus, WI 5% ABV

New Glarus Two Women Bavarian Lager  $4.5
New Glarus, WI 5% ABV

Karben4 Block Party Amber Ale $4.5
Madison, WI 5.6% ABV

Karben4 Lady Luck Irish Red Ale $4.5
Madison, WI 7.5% ABV

Lake Louis Warped Speed Scotch Ale $4.00
Arena, WI 7.2% ABV

Ale Asylum Oktillion Oktoberfest $4.00
Madison, WI 

Furthermore Fatty Boombalatty $4.5
Black River Falls, WI 7.2% ABV

Karben4 Fantasy Factory IPA $4.5
Madison, WI 6.3% ABV

War Pigs Lazurite IPA $5
Verona, WI 6.8%

War Pigs Foggy Geezer Hazy IPA $5
Verona, WI 6.8%

Karben4 Night Call Smoked Porter $4.00
Madison, WI 6.5% ABV

Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald $4.5
Cleveland, OH 6.0%

New Holland Brewing The Poet Chocolate Stout $4.50
New Holland, MI 5.2% ABV


2016 Villa Montecastello Pinot Grigio 
Dry and lean, full-bodied, distinct almond notes.
Italy $23/$6

2015 Dreyer of Sonoma Chardonnay
Lightly oaked, pineapple and pear
California  $23/$6

2016 Corvidae “Ravenna” Riesling
Off-dry, crisp, and aromatic. Gingersnaps & honey
California $23/$6

2017 Prosecco, Tenuta Santome
Bubbly, dry delicious
Italy $23/$6

2017 Olivares Rose 
Semi-dry, full fruit, lightly floral, hints of strawberry
Spain $21/$5.5

2015 Villa Montecastello Chianti
Intense, fruity, and vinous. Pleasantoak notes.
Italy $23/$6

2014 Allamand Malbec
Richly fruity, spicy, earthy
Argentina $21/$5.5

Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Maine Root Beer $3
Maine Ginger Brew  $3
Wiscopop Strawberry Soda  $3
NessAlla Lemon Ginger Kombucha  $3.5
Lemon Klarbrunn $1


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