Wednesday, June 29, 2011

bakery vacation

Hello friends,

We will not be selling at the market on Saturday, July 9. The Art Fair on the square will take place that day, and we always skip that market, so we will be on vacation that week. We will be at the market this week, on July 2. 

July 2     yes!
July 9      no!

I hope you're all having the best summer ever, falling in love with old friends and making new ones, blessed with unexpected gifts and the kindness of strangers. Here's our poem of the week:

Cucumbers  and  Prayers

all  day  long
the earth  shouts
“ Gee,  Thanks ! ”

such an exuberant  gee,
it  starts  throwing

as  if  God  were  passing  by  in  a  parade  encouraging
rowdy  behavior
by  looking  so  beautiful –
that  a  whole  avalanche  of  mania  swoops  in !

I  like  this  idea  of  throwing  things  at  God,
and  especially – his  making  us  rowdy !

thus,  as  soon  as  Hafiz  is  out  of  bed
I  start  stuffing  large  sacks
with  old  shoes,  cucumbers, 

for  the  upcoming

free – for – all –
and  who  knows
what  else.