Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This Saturday will be our last week at the outdoor market for the year. We will be at the indoor market at Monona Terrace next week, and our first home delivery of the season will be next Friday, November 12.

The delivery menu will be emailed out on Sunday. We've got a few new products we're working on this year, and a new baker, the fabulous Misha Lebell. After 5 years of rock-steady work here, Biggie Lemke is building her own bakery cafe just up the road in Blue Mounds. She'll have a wood-fired oven, and along with an assortment of breads and pizza, she'll be bringing Montreal style bagels to our corner of the world. Biggie has been the glue here for the last five years, keeping our production rolling along with efficiency and grace. She'll be sorely missed.

See you all soon,

How We Move Inside Grace
- Rumi

When our water here
becomes saturated with pollution,
it gets led back to the original water, the ocean.

After a year of receiving starlight,
the water returns, sweeping new robes along.

Where have you been? In the ocean of purity.
Now I am ready for more cleaning work.
If there were no impurity, what would water do?
It shows its glory in how it washes a face,
and in other qualities as well,
the way it grows the grass
and lifts a ship across to another port.

When the river slows with the weight of silt
and corruption, it grows sad and prays,
"That which You gave me I gave others.
Is there more? Can you give me more?"

Clouds draw the water up to become rain;
the ocean takes the river back into itself.

What this means is
we often need to be refreshed.

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